Rhode Island Jewish Historical Association
The oldest local ethnic historical society in Rhode Island.

Online Exhibitions

The RIJHA has begun making materials from the Beryl and Chaya Segal Archives available for view in a digital exhibition format.

The purpose is to showcase various objects and materials not ordinarily on view. All of these have a tie-in to the Rhode Island Jewish community.

We intend to add to these exhibits periodically so check back for more.

Click here to view the RIJHA’s first online exhibit, An Afternoon in the Archives! 
The first one explores many artifacts: a steamship book from a company that brought people from Europe to America, a soldier in the Civil War who was the first Jew to receive the Medal of Honor, our favorite mannequin’s “little sister” – “Bessie” who is a small doll here, dressed as her original was, and many other items.

Click here to view the RIJHA’s second online exhibit, Recipes in Time! 
Our second presentation was on cookbooks and featured recipes from our collection of cookbooks, from 1907 to 1953. Some were commercial books while others were fundraising books for social service organizations or congregations. One thing they all had in common was a desire to pass down recipes to future generations. The various recipes were made and sampled; some were good and some not to a modern taste.